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Welcome to Council Tax Bands

Welcome to Council Tax Bands. Council tax is constanly rising. Council facilities are decreasing. Tell us what you think about council tax.

Is the current rate of council tax acceptable, or should the whole thing be scrapped?

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MPs over claim for council taxMPs over claim for council tax by Clive P. (21-Jun 18:18)
Isn't it ironic that the people inside the very system that forces us to pay council tax (ie. the Pa...

Tories to freeze council tax Tories to freeze council tax by jeff (29-Sep 13:30)
the Tories have just said that they will freeze council tax for at least 2 years. About time it was ...

Re: It is neccessary?Re: It is neccessary? by David (20-May 17:12)
I think that the council tax is just going to keep going up. The potential for savings is that incom...

Re: Armed Forces personneRe: Armed Forces personne by anon (13-May 00:25)
Not sure; they say specifically a 6 month tour. Can I assume that back in September 2007 when this ...

Re: Armed Forces personnel reduced council taxRe: Armed Forces personnel reduced council tax by Andrew (12-May 23:13)
does the council tax rebate include personnel on a four month tour of iraq or afghanistan?

It is neccessary?It is neccessary? by yuri (05-May 14:55)
I just read that council tax could be scrapped fairly easily as 80% of local government spend comes ...

Re: that programme on tvRe: that programme on tv by Admin (20-Mar 21:18)
Not sure what has happened - Google seems to have killed our site so that no-one can find it, 2 days...

Re: that programme on tvRe: that programme on tv by ian (20-Mar 18:43)
what happend I had to really hunt to find this site again, but no-one answered anyway. Why has it di...

my new billmy new bill by tony (18-Mar 23:52)
I think i'm going to try and get my council tax rebanded. I'm going to be paying £230 a month for th...

that programme on tvthat programme on tv by ian (09-Mar 15:07)
did anyone see that programme the other night? I can't believe that they originally valued just by d...

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